Writing on Medium After Leaving the Son at Daycare (Daily)

In my life, writing is more and more a need, even the need. At 47, I felt drained after months without writing; restarting in September was a rebirth.

Luca Vettor
2 min readSep 25, 2023
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My need for writing has nothing to do with the value of what I publish here on Medium. I hope to deliver helpful suggestions about thinking and technical writing, but I have no presumption.

I’m sure you’ve often experienced the feeling of not doing what’s correct, but you missed the will to act, even if you know what’s the right action at the right moment. Isn’t it? Why does it happen? Why don’t we do what is necessary and accumulate debts of will that time will only increase and make them unrecoverable?

The question

Every day, I take my son to the daycare center. From now on, I will take the next 30 minutes to write my daily article. I want to track in Medium that I am no longer accumulating debt.

You’re likely asking, “How can you consistently write with a child to look after?”

I have a 9–6 job. My wife, too. So, how will it be possible? Where will I get the time from?

The answer

The reality is that you get into “bad” debt when you waste. And that’s the most impacting waste I must cut:

Screenshot from my Macbook

How much writing can I do and publish in a couple of hours a day if I free them from staring at a digital device without purpose? A lot. And I hope you’ll enjoy it.

If you’re reading this post, you’re a writer, even though you’re not writing. You feed the desire, and that’s enough.

I decided to start sharing the behind-the-scenes of my writing experience because of a fantastic sentence I recently read here on Medium from Kathy Widenhouse in Freelance Writers Wanted:

There are never enough good writers.

And because it’s time to start!


Another day is unfolding, but not in vain: I am writing.



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