What Does Convergent Thinking Teach Us? (Convergent Thinking 7 — The End)

All stories need the end to make sense. If thinking were a story, convergent thinking would be its meaningful end.

Luca Vettor
1 min readOct 1, 2023

After one month of writing around convergent thinking, it’s time to recap.

We explored

The main lesson learned

The most valuable lesson learned from convergent thinking is that reason is not at odds with emotions but is its guide.

Every time we need to make a decision, humanity expresses itself. Machines don’t decide; they only calculate. Humans feel the context in which they make decisions and experience emotions because all decisions involve waivers. And giving up what a decision excludes is always sensitive.

As divergent thinking incorporates emotions, convergent thinking channels emotions into a defined problem to solve and a goal to achieve. Convergent thinking is clarity in the mind without forgetting that light needs darkness to brighten.

The end

That’s the end of the series on convergent thinking. Stay tuned to read the next series!



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