Step 5 of 21 in Consolidating the Daily Writing Habit (Daily)

Well done! But not enough!

Luca Vettor
2 min readSep 29, 2023
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The first steps of a journey are exciting but also highly frustrating. A defined destination is there; you’re on the path, but how far is it?!

That’s the worst mindset you can have when you want to reach a significant goal. Do you agree?

Instant gratifications

Looking after my very young son, something paramount revealed about his mindset, and that’s also true for too many adults. He behaves like the world would end with his latest unsatisfied desire.

For a 1-year-old child, it’s reasonable that every desire has a time horizon of minutes (or seconds, sometimes.) My father’s job is to teach him that such an approach based on instant gratifications is inconvenient.

What about adults? What about me? That’s a different story. If, at 47, my desires’ time horizon is measured in minutes or even days, something went wrong during my learning path. And it did.

Play the long game

I looked for them even if I knew that gratifications led to nothing. Until I started writing daily on Medium. The commitment to writing daily changed my brain, and I’m only on day 5.

It’s like the future inspired and called me.

‘Future:’ the crucial word to go beyond instant gratifications and nothing.


19.21 (CEST time): I’m late for the daily post, but I’m here! Looking to the future when I will call myself a ‘content creator.’



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