Step 2 of 21 in Consolidating the Daily Writing Habit (Daily)

Here we are. My son is at the daycare, and I spend half an hour on my daily writing. Day 2.

Luca Vettor
2 min readSep 26, 2023
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Consolidating a habit should take three weeks, more or less, so 21 days. Day 2 of daily writing and publishing: it‘s still a long journey, but it started, which is good.

Daily writing is not the only habit I’m nurturing. There are also two publications per week around a monthly topic. September is about convergent thinking; some minutes ago, I published the seventh article:

Compared to the bi-weekly publishing, the daily one is much more challenging. I can’t give up. Writing skills are like muscles: only a daily workout can strengthen them. Miss one day, and you lose a month of compound effort in building the habit.

For tomorrow

Even being only at day 2, a new emotion is arising in my mind — yes, emotions in mind, weird to say, but it’s what I feel: daily writing makes me think of tomorrow. While describing what is flowing today from my willingness to write, I guess words are bridges from today to tomorrow.

Ages ago, I had a blog called “L’invenzione della Scrittura” (at the time, I wrote in Italian; in English, it sounds “The invention of Writing”). It was about reviewing books without specific purposes. Now, I know it was the bridge from that far yesterday to today.

The tomorrow of writing can be much more in the future than the next day.

For today

My vision is “Write to Simplify.”

What I put in place today is one brick of the building. When writing, I feel what I’m still not able to foresee. That’s simplifying. Tomorrow is simpler when enlightened by the words of yesterday.


Except for the help of Grammarly — I’m not a native English speaker and writer — I don’t edit the writing flow in my daily posts. Editing is for tomorrow's success if you have expectations for the future.

Instead, I want to stay a word back and depict the future with the words of today.



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