Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

Sounds trivial? It isn’t. Watch out for people who confuse simplicity and ease!

Luca Vettor
4 min readMay 12, 2024
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The nitty-gritty

We need to agree on a couple of words: the opposite of simple is complex, while the opposite of easy is difficult. This seems insignificant to say, but it is not.

Let’s associate “easy/difficult” with actions and “simple/complex” with thinking. Yes, it’s a proposal, not truth, yet let’s see if it helps.

The point is that things can be difficult to do, but you make them complex to think!


It’s a matter of language.

People who constantly whine that things are complex rely on poor language.

I was among those people.

Now, the curse of knowledge makes me feel disappointed when I listen to people who are not educated to respect words. However, there was a time when I wasn’t aware of the vocabulary power.

When I discovered I could find new ways of saying things – as I did, for example, with the logical debt idea – a new boundless world opened in front of my mind.

My story

Since my early years in elementary school, I have found widespread and incomprehensible…



Luca Vettor

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