Logical Debt is the Missing Root Cause of Software Product Failures

Failures happen regardless of how good we are at doing things, but why are we so keen to prepare to fail?

Luca Vettor
5 min readNov 5, 2023
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What’s the logical debt I introduced in Logical Debt is Much More Devastating Than Technical Debt? Let’s discover it together through a story!

The story

Once upon a time, high-skilled engineers were attending a product build kick-off. The slogan of the meeting was “Our product delivers users efficiency.” The product goal was to automate some always-the-same tasks and free the users’ time for more worthy activities.

The product manager started the kick-off meeting by describing with examples and numbers how inefficient the users’ lives were without the product they would build.

“Then, we add a killer feature: our product will provide users with the capability of defining how to automate their tasks and even re-defining the tasks to automate. They’ll do everything they need!” — The product manager exclaimed.

A murmur was heard among the participants. The product manager ignored it and continued praising the ideas supporting the product they would soon sell: users will do everything.



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