It’s All About Discipline (Daily)

I’m undisciplind because I lack vision; if I act for the future, discipline is my partner.

Luca Vettor
1 min readSep 30, 2023
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I’m an information architect; I’m highly disciplined in my job, as information architecture is a mental discipline in action.

I’m on the path of gaining the same discipline in life. Because writing is life. That’s why, at 22.13 CEST after my son started slipping, I’m writing on Medium.

I know some people, like me, seek inspiration in writing daily. This post is for them. This post is for you.

Just a little content today: the commitment to writing to reach clarity of intentions.

Determining what you want is challenging. Making desires real requires effort, but defining desires demands courage. Writing is the way to build this courage word after word.

In a world of generative artificial intelligence, where content creation is going to be no longer a human task, I still believe in writing as the only way to stay beyond the average.

Writing gets clarity in life and business: that’s my vision. And that’s the end for today.

Take care, readers.



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