Inverting the Create/Consume Ratio(Daily)

Writing daily on Medium makes me feeling less consumer, less entertained, and less in the bubble.

Luca Vettor
2 min readSep 28, 2023
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Since birth, parents, relatives, and friends have taught us the significance of consuming as much a possible — at least on the Western side of the world.

No, they didn’t teach that explicitly, but through the example of their life. It’s become a short-circuit between mindset and market logic, whose sparks enlight our days even now.


I’m a consumer. I’d like to say I was a consumer, but I must admit that’s not yet true. Nevertheless, something already changed in my mindset.

I mean, I feel less and less pleasure in buying things, and even things I love, like technology stuff.

When it comes to buying something, I’ve started to ask myself, “What’s the benefit for me as a person?” Unbelievable, but more often than not, the answer is “None.” Why all that has started to happen in my mind? Because I realized that consuming is for now and forgiving the future.


How the future is related to creating content? It’s a matter of persisting in the past.

Everything you buy lasts some time; then it goes into the trash, and, even before reaching the garbage, the pleasure that what we purchased gave us melts down.

Instead, the happiness of creation lasts.


Being a consumer is a well-made prison that seems like a sparkling world, and you get the awareness of being in jail only when you realize to be the copy/paste of billions of other lifeless people.

It’s good news. Freedom can begin if the ratio of create/consume is much more than one.



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