AIs Don’t Have a Daily Life to Tell About (Daily)

Starting my daily post, I asked myself, “Would an artificial intelligence (AI) be able to write a daily blog?”

Luca Vettor
2 min readSep 27, 2023
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I have a certainty: AIs don’t have children to take to daycare in the morning and can’t write about. Sure, they can steal content from a blog like mine, but that’s another story.

As text creators, AIs are unbeatable. Who can compete against a computer?

As content creators, instead?

AIs lack life experiences

AIs go through training. Given specific input, they are trained to answer in flexible but oriented ways. Generative AIs also answer in natural language as if they were humans. But there aren’t.

AIs are search engines. They search across data humans entered on the Internet. Their neural networks are their memory across which to search when asked.

Are humans search engines, too? In some way, yes: when creating content, we dig in our memory — and research on the Internet. So, what’s the difference? Is it only a matter of hardware — biological body for humans, electronic devices for AIs?

The difference is that we don’t calculate but search for meaning. AIs put together trillions of details; we get it as a whole. Looking at a human body, we see a person, and ‘person’ is not only a trained correct answer. Instead, AIs say ‘person’ because they are prepared to deliver a human-like user experience.

Children mean life will go on. AIs can store this sentence and give it back in a convenient answer, but it’s all about words through a neural network: no meaning and no children.

Humans lack efficiency

On the other hand, strictly considering the output, humans cannot write as much content as AIs. AIs are much more efficient.

But do we need efficiency when creating content?

No, we don’t. We must be efficient in refining, editing, and delivering content: that’s true. But creation cannot be efficient: it’s exploration.

Creating content is like raising a child. Could it be efficient to lose sleep, forget yourself, and face the myriad obstacles of childhood and adolescence? Another life absorbs countless energies. This ‘countless’ can’t be efficient.

Yet, we are not ‘inefficient.’ There’s no waste when playing the game of life: there’s creation. Content creation doesn’t need efficiency; it’s playing the game of life.


AIs don’t have a life to tell you. They meaninglessly generate content that only gets meaning when a human consumes it.

Do not confuse the finger that points to the moon with the moon: AIs are fingers, and content creation is the moon.

In other words, AIs don’t have children.



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