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My mission: melting complexity into simple by writing

Luca Vettor
4 min readOct 19, 2022
Luca Vettor

No need to say I love writing, like any other writer in the world and like any content creator on Medium. Yet, my love for writing has a bit different story than others. Let me explain.

My story

My working life started in 2000. It was the age of the .com companies, and you certainly remember how things ran! I was a recent graduate in physics and got into the econophysics business. I intuited that this was an unstable business and shifted my attention to software development — it was love at first sight!

I spent around ten years developing software, first in finance, then in the sports business. I was in the realm of problem-solving, and I love solving problems!

However, over time I realized that I loved avoiding problems more! So, I became interested in project management because my experience told me that was the area to work in to prevent recurring problems in software projects.

After interpreting various project management roles and approaches for about eight years, I realized that there were recurring problems in this area as well, neither due to the specific business nor due to the technologies that software projects require. I, therefore, turned my attention and studies to the heart of what I became convinced was the context in which many problems in project management originate: communication.

In a nutshell, a project is a goal to reach, and communicating that goal is pivotal from many standpoints:

  • People who sponsor the project have to declare that goal clearly,
  • People who work to achieve that goal need to understand it clearly,
  • People who benefit from that goal need to agree when it is completed.

Whatever the standpoint, projects need connected people around them to succeed; and communication is the foundation of all connections.

My approach assumes that all failures of projects are rooted in communication issues. More precisely, I bear those failures happen when people around the project communicate poorly, meaning a lack of adaptation between the source of the communication and its destination.

That path has brought me to work on technical communication for the past three years, which will be for many years in the future!

My mission

As my professional story shows up, I love finding root causes and making them simple to say.

How often have you heard people say:

This topic is so complex that you can not talk about it in short! It will take so long to get it!

How often was that topic actually complex? Or was it that people had not understood it deeply enough?

When it comes to complexity perception, I find it helpful to distinguish two kinds of complexity:

  • Intrinsic complexity. It is the measurable part, which does not depend on who describes the topic. For example, meteorology is a complex topic regardless of who speaks about it.
  • Induced complexity. It is due to the lack of knowledge and comprehension of the topic. Ideally, induced complexity is zero when whoever speaks about it deeply understands and comprehends the topic.

I am not stating that intrinsic and induced complexities always have different origins. It may be possible that some unavoidable lack of knowledge (induced complexity) causes some intrinsic complexity and, vice versa, some intrinsic complexity causes a lack of comprehension.

Instead, I am stating that it is helpful to recognize the two different kinds of complexity in tackling communication.

So, my mission:

I melt complexity into simple by writing.

You see, “complexity” is a noun, while “simple” is an adjective. Grammatically, it would not be correct; yet, it is a sort of “poetic license” that concisely expresses why I am in technical communication: Reduce the induced complexity by focusing on the intrinsic one, to be mastered by writing.

Writing is the most impactful technology ever; it allows us to put thoughts outside of ourselves and, so, master them. Based on that truth, my recipe is straightforward: When facing complex topics, let’s write them down and master them!

Why read me?

Read me if you like to link the dots by writing!

Whatever complex the experience may be, there is always a chance to write it down on a piece of paper. That is the fundamental step in mastering life and beyond!




Luca Vettor

My 24 years in the IT industry and physics degree flow into my mission: simplify what appears complex.